Friday, July 30, 2010

S'mores... on a STIII-K

Alright, not a huge Jeff Dunham fan, but I do love that jalapeno.

So I stumbled upon this tasty number during my initial voyages of TasteSpotting.

S'MORES ON A STICK- Capslock included!

Super easy recipe.  Double boiler some chocolate, throw marshmallows on disposable bamboo kabobs, send the boyfriend off to be manly and crush graham crackers and arrange the assembly line.

I opted out on the chocolate sprinkles, mostly because I forgot to buy them.  I suppose if you really wanted to get fancy you could drizzle these with dark or white chocolate to look like those spiffy strawberries, but at the same time you're craving the flavor profile of childhood camping.  Chocolate, marshmallow and graham crackers.

I do admit I had a slight hang up in the process; I thought my chocolate was just a little on the thick side, so I decided to try and slowly add some half and half- the chocolate seized.  Tragedy.  Tried cooling it and re-warming it with no luck.  Fortunately I'd only used half the bag of semi-sweet chips.  Second time, I let the chocolate do as it wished and set about dipping.  The marshmallow is a huge fan of sticking to the bamboo, so there was never an issue with dropping them into either the chocolate or the graham crackers as you went through the process.  This could be insanely kid friendly due to the resilience of the marshmallows.  You can really abuse them and they'll still taste great.

Another perk-  I took these to a gathering of friends and managed to have quite a few leftover (I think the batch I made up gave me around 30 s'mores on a STICK), so I threw them in a large storage bag with a paper towel and tossed them in the freezer. They're not the best to eat straight out of the icebox, but they thaw out and taste just fine.  The paper towel soaked up any incidental moisture that would've turned the graham crackers soggy.

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  1. Thanks for the link, and for the freezing tip too!